About Us

Since the dawn of time, Orient-born people have tremblingly cherished their traditions: respecting parents, elders, and home, loving their children and their land, and of course hospitality, of which a lot has already been said but which can be an eternal theme.Warmth and cordiality that you’d encounter in every home, a dastarkhan with amazing diversity and delicacy on it this is what defines genuine Oriental hospitality.

Shirin cafe is a world of Oriental comfort, exotics and magnificent cuisine.

Here you’ll be able to enjoy aromatic tea and all sorts of Oriental viands, traditional Central-Asian dishes such as lagman, pilaf, and manty, chuchvara and kazan-kabob, shashlyk and dolma, as well as highlights of our chef selected dishes of the Caucasian cuisine, and also to taste traditional Oriental flat cakes, or juicy samsa with a golden crisp. You will not stay indifferent when you taste a magnificent shurpa with a young lamb’s meat.

No one of hospitable hosts would ever forget to put Oriental sweets on their table. Gentle and light pahlava melting in your mouth, Iranian pistachio nuts, kuraga - dried apricots, honey-sweet kishmish, icing-covered nuts Shirin Bodom, and, of course, fresh juicy fruits from Oriental Golden gardens.